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Monday, 04 May 2009
David Terrell was born and raised in southern Alabama if I remember correctly.  After spending many weeks in hospital because of bone cancer in his leg, the doctors couldn’t do any more and sent him home to die.

At nine years old and 32 lbs his mother still believed God for miracle.  This was the only alternative to having his leg amputated.

    Jesus appeared in the corner of his room and commanded David to stand to his feet.  He knew that the bones in his leg would not support his weight.  Three times the Lord commanded this little boy to stand on his feet, and on the third time he did, and God gave him a miracle.  Jesus said, ‘I am Jesus, and I’m come to heal you. You are called and chosen as a Prophet to the world to tell My Church that I’m coming soon!’

     David Terrell was raised up Southern Baptist.  When he was at William Brahman’s meeting as a young man the spirit of the Lord in William Brahman called David Terrell out of the audience.  And said that this man here will win millions of souls to the Lord and to preach the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    In April of 1967 while on a fast, Jesus came to David Terrell in person and touched the palms of his hands, saying, ‘Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.’

     David Terrell’s home congregation is in Bangs, Tx.  where I got to meet him in the spring of 1987 after being released from prison.  Because he would not stop prophesying judgment against America, the powers to be falsely accused him where he spent two years I believe in prison.   I had the privilege to sit under his ministry until 1998.  It was while under his ministry that I heard about the blessed areas or places of refuge, and where the Lord gave me the seven open visions of the total destruction of the West Coast of America.  For more on his bio, you can contact the Dallas office.

    In the winter months David Terrell went on crusades over to India.  Over there he is known as the man with the silver white hair.  Because of his love for souls, 17 percent of India’s population is Christian.  The clerics have said that if this teaching of Jesus does not stop, and if the Lord tarries, that all of India will become Christian in 15 years.

   As a man David Terrell is just flesh and blood like you and me.  He is like the John the Baptist of the Dispensation of grace declaring repentance and the second coming of the Lord.  He is hated and not received by mainline Christianity.  David Terrell is not just another prophet to this nation or that nation.  God called him to speak His word into the whole earth.  In the seven visions the Lord had David Terrell anoint and commission me to return back to Canada to bring the final warning.  I’ve not known anyone with his dedication and love for the truth of God’s Word.  He is now 81 having spoken the word of the Lord for over 50 years.  The Lord spoke to him that the time would come that the world would know that he is a prophet sent by God.  Heed God’s word in this man, for he is God’s Voice in the earth.  There are many prophets, but the Lord always has one that is a main voice.  Blessed be the Lord.

Editor's Note: for a comprehensive list of the prophecies given through David Terrell, go here:

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